Saturday, September 23

Saturday it's time to conjure up a little mischief in the park! This is not a ticketed event, just a scheduled meet up with Spooky friends for a day of wicked fun and creative "bounding". The park will be open to the public and you will need your park passes to enter as you would any other time.


We expect to see you all in your very own dark, villainous, and macabre style. As costuming is not allowed within the parks, Disney Bounding is encouraged. You can find examples for this themed dressing on our Pinterest page and around the internet. Other dark styles, think gothic inspired, are encouraged as well as long as your look cannot be considered a "costume" and would not be confused with any of the park characters. If that's not your kind of style, we'd even love to see you in your Spooky Empire t-shirt! Just keep in mind, if a guest is dressed in a way that might be confused for a Disney park cast member or character, a Disney representative may ask that person to change all or part of the outfit before being allowed in the park.  We will be working closely with Disney to ensure all guidelines are followed and our event runs smoothly. 


For those of you that do not have park passes, we do have an offer for discounted passes below. 


There will be scheduled meet ups and photo ops within the park on Saturday. Times and locations will be announced as we get closer to the event.

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