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What is Spooky Day in the Parks?

Spooky Day in the Parks is a two day meet up event for fans that have a "villainous" side. A mixture of Theme Park gatherings, Special VIP events, a "Bizarre" full of merchandise to fulfill your dark side, and much more! Our goal is to see you all dressed in your best wicked attire. Be it dark or fun, we are dying to see your personal style as we step out for this wicked weekend. 

Where does Spooky Day in the Parks take place?

Spooky Day in the parks takes place in multiple locations, though our central location and host hotel is  Disney's Coronado Springs Resort. Our private party on Friday night takes place at Disney's Hollywood Studios®. The Spooky Day Bizarre is located at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort and the Park Meet-Up takes place at the Magic Kingdom® Park. All information for these separate events, and more is located on our site. 

Is this a ticketed event?

The private party on Friday night, "Gala at the Tower", is a ticketed event as is the Spooky Day Bizarre. Tickets are available for these events and more via our site. The Magic Kingdom® Park meet up is not a ticketed event, this is open to public. However you will need your own park passes to enter.  

Is this a costume event?

No, this is an event which encourages your personal style be it dark and gothic inspired or fun and Disney villain inspired. Costuming is NOT allowed within the Disney Parks and Resorts

Can I obtain a discounted package for the "Gala at the Tower" if I have my own Disney's Hollywood Studios® admission passes? Is my annual park pass or daytime park ticket valid for the event?

No, The Gala at the Tower event is a private ticketed event held after hours at Disney's Hollywood Studios® and within the The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror™  Courtyard. General daytime and annual park passes cannot be used for this event. Gala at the Tower ticket holders will be verified at the Coronado Springs Resort and transportation will be provided to bring attendees from the resort to The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror™  Courtyard at Disney's Hollywood Studios®. 

Is this an all ages event?

All meet ups and events are open to all ages, however if you are attending the Gala at the Tower private event, children 18 an under must be accompanied by an adult. The Gala at the Tower event is open bar.

Which hotel should I stay at?

Disney's Coronado Springs Resort is our host hotel and has extended a special rate for Spooky Day in the Parks attendees. You can reserve your room here. 

Do I need a separate ticket for the Magic Kingdom® Park meet up?

Disney's Magic Kingdom® Park is open to the public during our meet up on Saturday. Therefore you will need your own park day passes or annual passes. For anyone that needs to purchase tickets for the theme park meet up, we will have a link for convention-rate discounted park passes. Once we have that link it will be available on our website. 

Can I wear a mask and/or costume?

Masks, costumes and special FX makeup are NOT allowed within the Walt Disney World® Resort or theme parks. Disney cast members will be on hand and will make final determinations on any questionable attire. You may, at any time, be asked to change or remove an article of clothing. If your outfit can be mistaken or confused with any Disney Parks cast members and/or characters you will be asked to change or remove an article of clothing.   

What is Disney Bounding?

(Via chipandco.com) - "Disney Bounding is an amalgamation of Disney and fashion. This is a great way to rock your DisneySide at the parks, or even in your everyday life. Disney Bounding is a way of dressing up as your favorite character using inspired color palettes, accessories, and clothing styles to look like the character, without actually being in costume. You simply use items from your own wardrobe or your usual retailers." You can check out our growing Pinterest Idea Page here or google Disney Bounding and find your own villainous ideas! We look forward to seeing what you come up with! 

Do I have to dress up to attend?

While you wouldn't be turned away for not being dressed to impress, we do hope you make the effort to do so. This is a themed dress event, and we'd like to encourage EVERYONE to take part in the villainy and mischief! We'd even love to see you in a Spooky Empire t-shirt!

Is this a Disney sponsored event?

No. While we are working closely with Disney to make this a magical event, this is a Spooky Empire© event, not a Disney sanctioned event. We are in no way affiliated with Walt Disney World® Resort, Disney's Hollywood Studios® or Magic Kingdom® Park